Imagine Cup 2010(USA) IT Challenge Launched

This is great news and opportunity for the students worldwide that Imagine cup 2010’s IT challenge launched Today.

There are 8 Quizs on first round and you can participate in every one, once you get advance to second round than no need to participate again, but You can, if you want to increase your score, It contains 30 MCQ’s out which 15 should be correctly answered by you to advance in second round, In second round there will be a case study and if you advance in this round you will be called USA to compete in 3 round for free and there will be three prizes in round 3 as follow:

Prize 1. USD $8000

Prize 2. USD $4000

Prize 3. USD $3000

So you never know just signup at and register for the IT challenge and Participate

after sign up  and registration you will see this option to take quiz

and if you answered 15 correct You will advance to round 2,  like I did:

This is the schedule for round 1 Quiz

Round 1 Quiz Dates. All Times are 00:01 [12:01 AM] GMT.
Quiz 1: September 22, 2010
Quiz 2: October 19, 2010
Quiz 3: November 2, 2010
Quiz 4: November 18, 2010
Quiz 5: December 3, 2010
Quiz 6: December 15, 2010
Quiz 7: January 14, 2011
Quiz 8: January 31, 2011


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